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We are proud to announce that Lily Company BV has received the predicate Global G.A.P.* on 5 Februa...

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Lilium Martagon (Turkish lily):

The Martagon lily is a perennial plant which, from origin, grows in the mountains, on mountain meado...

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The Lily: Summer Bulb of the Year

Dazzling lilies set off colourful fireworks in the garden. Garden? Yes, in the garden! Many people...

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Planet Proof Lilies

On October 31, 2017,Lily Company BV was the first lily flower bulb producing company to receive the...

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Dutch Lily Days lily week moved forward to June

Poeldijk (the Netherlands), July 4th - The 4th edition of the Dutch Lily Days took place in May thi...

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The Dutch Lily Days

The Dutch Lily Days have been very succesful, flowering with many Asiatic, Orientals and Martagons....

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