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About us

The Lily Company grows and exports lilies. We specialize in lily varieties for use in the garden. The company was founded by Mr. Piet Groot more than fourty years ago.

On the 1st of July 2009 Lily Company changed ownership. Jan Willem Metzelaar, Paul van Egdom and the two cousins Edward and Evert Bot bought the company. Jan Willem is responsible for the growing and logistics, Paul for the commercial side of the business. Together they run the company.

With over a hundred different varieties, the Lily Company has a large assortment on offer. Some of these varieties originate from Asia or North America and are very old and hardy, for example lilium Regale.

The bulbs are grown in different parts of Holland. After processing they’re shipped all over the world. Our lilies have been seen in locations as diverse as Buckingham Palace, an airport in Thailand and the Bijlmer (a rather grey suburb of Amsterdam) to add a bit more colour.

We also try to develop new varieties, especially pollen free lilies and martagon lilies.

Consumers and keen gardeners can visit the LilyDays on the Keukenhof, to get an impression of what Lily Company has on offer.

Everybody can visit the lily show in the Keukenhof from 20 March till 18 May, see our exhibition and get an overall impression of what Lily Company has to offer.

The Dutch Lily days are for trade only. Clients are welcome to visit our company, view our greenhouse and see the complete assortment of what we have to offer in bloom. For more information on the Dutch Lily Days please visit the website